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Centro Strategies is a strategy firm that utilizes its experience and skills within government and the technology field to conceptualize outreach strategies that incorporate the latest in social media and web communications.  We can help you to work with government effectively. In today's age, When organizations face complex challenges, we offer comprehensive solutions, delivering expertise on both issues and process.





Ulisses has been committed to being an actively engaged stakeholder in his community by assisting to open the doors of opportunity for those who wish to be a contributing part of the American Dream. Being a proud American of Mexican descent, his broad understanding of hard work and sacrifice has empowered him to work with a broad perspective that has allowed him to build relationships and coalitions that have brought about positive change in Los Angeles and abroad. Born and raised in the Boyle Heights neighborhood of Los Angeles, Ulisses is the youngest of two children. Ulisses graduated from Francisco Bravo Medical Magnet High School and attended UCLA, where he received a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. He is also a graduate of the California Institute of Technology (Caltech), where he received a master’s degree in Computer Science and Engineering.


In finding a balance between his love for politics and community engagement with his passion for technology, Ulisses would use his computer skills to develop and implement outreach strategies where technology would play a significant part in the success. It is that passion that led to Ulisses to be selected by the Korean Consul General to be a delegate on the 1998 Multicultural Friendship Tour, where he joined other community leaders from Los Angeles, New York and Chicago on a delegation trip to South Korea where they learned about the Korean culture and returned to their respective communities to become community ambassadors. During his senior year at UCLA, he was asked by Assemblymember Antonio Villaraigosa to run his 2001 mayoral campaign website.


Soon after, Ulisses joined the William C. Velasquez Institute (a sister organization of Southwest Voter Registration Education Project) as their Information Data Analyst, spearheading data collection on local, state and national polling while providing analysis on collected data regarding Latino voting trends. In 2003, Ulisses rejoined Villaraigosa on his campaign for City Council where Ulisses oversaw the day-to-day operations of the campaign website and the voter database, working closely with senior staff and campaign consultants on the campaign's voter outreach strategy planning and implementation.


After their successful campaign, Ulisses joined then Councilmember Villaraigosa's staff as a Council Aide and eventually became the Boyle Heights Area Director, where his primary duties included working with the various city departments on improving their constituent services and collaborating with the City's IT Department to make upgrades to its case management system. After Mayor Villaraigosa's 2005 Mayoral Campaign, where he worked maintaining the campaign's databases, computer systems and working with the Boyle Heights campaign office on voter outreach efforts, he began working with the City's neighborhood council system, helping various neighborhood councils in accessing city resources, aiding them in communicating more efficiently with their stakeholders and improving the technology resources used to manage and care the information and resources of the neighborhood councils.


In 2008, he joined the staff of the California State Senate, where he continued working with community stakeholders within the district, served as the primary staff member in charge of overseeing major transportation, housing and economic development projects throughout the district and also playing an active role in improving the State Senate’s web communications resources and drafting strategies by which to use current web and social media tools to communicate with their constituents throughout California. In 2012, the Senator's office was recognized by Caltrans for its outreach efforts (which were spearheaded by Ulisses) to keep key local leaders and organizations in the San Gabriel Valley informed about the progress in the emergency reconstruction of the Paramount Blvd overpass on the 60 Freeway, a public works project which required the collaboration of numerous local, state and federal officials and departments.


Having served on the board of directors for several prominent local and state organizations, such as the Chicano Latino Youth Leadership Project, he has been able to make a difference in government and in his community. Ulisses' community involvement extends beyond our borders, as he has worked for many years with the local Zacatecas Federation in Los Angeles to bring vital resources to his family's hometown of Nochistlan, Zacatecas, such as improved water purification systems, a domestic abuse shelter, housing for the poorest of residents and a state of the art hospital. In 2009, his dedication to the community was recognized by the Los Angeles County Democratic Party, as he was named Democrat of the Year for the 46th Assembly District. In 2013, Ulisses was recognized by the City of Los Angeles for his support of the Boyle Heights Youth Center through his “Happy Hour With A Cause” networking events, in which he brings together socially-conscious working professionals to raise funds for local organizations and causes.


Ulisses currently resides in Downtown Los Angeles.

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Often times we look at the challenges that approach us in life and face them not knowing what the results may be.  But when we believe in ourselves and stand firm in knowing that we are skilled, knowledgeable and prepared to tackle those challenges, we know that we will overcome them and move on to the next challenges with the same level of motivation and determination as the prior.  Centro Strategies welcomes all challenges, as we know that we will overcome them like we have all others.

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