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The times have changed from simply needing to create a website and considering that your "online campaign".  It has grown to become a comprehensive coordinated effort that includes numerous tools and resources that are utilized to engage various communities using a targeted message with the hope of obtaining their support.  This could be to gain support for a political candidate or a ballot measure.  This could be done to support a local community project or simply to get people to turn out for a special event.  The engagement methods are all a piece of the cumulative puzzle that can be the difference success and failure, which is usually a result that is too narrow for comfort.

Here at Centro Strategies, we understand that your needs can vary - from creating a simple presence online through building a website or having multiple pieces working together to achieve your objective.


For over 15 years, Centro Strategies has been developing website for political candidates, ballot initiatives, local business and for community based organizations.  While the process of creating websites has become easier, each website requires special planning and design to be included so that it is tailored to meet the needs of the client.  We also simplify the design and build out process by working diligently to get a clear needs of the design desires of the client before beginning to develop any components of the website, allowing for a streamline build out process that is more efficient and allows for the website to launch in a shorter amount of time.  Once the website has been launched, we will work with the client's maintenance needs to ensure that the information is kept up to date and to make sure that the content is reflective of the targeted message at the time within your campaign or within the promotional needs of the business or organization.

Our websites:

1. Our designed using the latest design concepts in mind to allow for the websites to be viewable on various platforms (i.e. - mobile, laptops, tablets, etc.).
2. We emphasize the need for custom content from the user, staying away from "cookie cutter" methods that make one's website look like others.
3. Keep pricing at an affordable rate, with our websites usually priced within the client's initial budget in mind, putting the needs of the client first.


Anybody can create a social media account and "post" an item to it and get users to engage with the posts.  The hard part comes in developing and executing a marketing campaign that will allow for content to be planned out ahead of schedule and ensures that the information posted in on point with the messaging that one is trying to present to its followers.  It is also important to make sure that all tools are in sync with one another, to make sure that no one account is not delivering a message that is not inclusive in the goals of the marketing effort.

So during a social media marketing campaign, we will:

1. Work with the client to create a marketing timeline that will allow us to keep a calendar of desired posting in order leading up to a particular objective.
2. Work on creating the needed graphics for the marketing effort, along with the verbiage for the various social media accounts.
3. Track and gauge the analytics of the marketing campaign to make adjustments as needed with keeping our targeted goals as the priority.


One of our most precious resources is our database.  It's often under utilized and we do not really see the precious value that it has when we need to promote ourselves or a product or campaign that we support.  Working with the various leading email outreach tools like MailChimp and Constant Contact, we will:

1. Design and build custom e-newsletter layouts that will carry the brand and feel desired for the client while aiming for maximum open rates.
2. Help organize your database to allow for greater tracking of individuals who are more engaged and are more actively supporting your outreach effort.
3. Maintain your database to add new contacts as you push forward and to remove individuals who do not want to be a part of your emailing list effort.  While we include a link for individuals to click so that they can unsubscribe, we make sure that the process is done efficiently so that it does not hurt the status of the account with spam filters and leading email service providers.


Our experience working with local and national media allows us to know how to craft a message within media communications to get the media following that you need to promote your product or service.  In our current world of instant access to information, it is important during time sensitive moments that coordination be done to ensure immediate response on our end while also touching on key points that will help push the marketing agenda forward.

When leading your media engagement efforts, we will:

1. Create and distribute  press releases as needed to our targeted media outlets with key information that we want to make sure is covered in the news outlets,
2. Response to media inquiries in a timely manner, always with the objective of building support within the media outlet for the cause,
3. Log media coverage that is critical in promoting the event, while using that coverage as leverage to gain more exposure, especially in online news outlets.